My Year of Yes! 2016!

Before I can even explain why this book is so amazing, I have to say thank you to my friend and mentor Margarida Da Graca for giving my this gift! I began reading this book early this year in January. I was reading 14 pages a day in the morning but when the spring semester picked up I completely stopped reading it. It’s June now and I have no more classes or daily homework (aside from the documentary I am working on) and I finally picked this beautiful gem up again!


I just finished reading Shonda Rhime’s “Year of Yes” and I can say is HELL YES! It was because of this book that that I committed to fitness classes in the Spring. I was reading her chapter “Yes to My Body,” and it got me off my ass. Her year of yes only strengthened the choice I made during winter break: to fall in love with myself. After struggling in the fall and battling anxiety I made a decision to change my experience for the rest of  my time at Lehigh. I wanted to find: happiness. I also knew I could only create that for myself. Reading this chapter made me realize that this journey is not only mental and spiritual but it’s also physical. I am not the kind of woman who is eager about sweating or working out but I also know that sitting around all day reading and writing isn’t healthy. But sometimes it’s not about what you WANT, it’s about what you NEED.  Shonda knew it, “Losing weight is not fun. It will never be fun.  IT WILL NOT BRING ME JOY. IT WILL KICK MY ASS AND STOMP ME TO THE GROUND. Somehow, this knowledge makes me feel so much better.  ” (156).  And her words did make me feel so much better! I went into my first fitness class with NO expectation to have fun and that truth brought me back every week for the entire Spring semester.

Each chapter gives us entry into a personal part of her life and invited us to learn and grow with her.

It truly feels like she’s sitting in front of you having a conversation with you.  She talks about the struggles of being a working woman, a mother, a leader, and a woman of color and yet there are universal lessons that many people can learn from.  Thank you Rhimes for reminding me to stop dreaming and just DO. Thank you for helping me say YES, yes to failing and yes to LIVING.

Ever since I was a young girl I loved getting lost in my books! I used to finish novels in 1 or 2 days but now that I am in graduate school I rarely have time to read for pleasure. It’s summer time now and I want to commit myself to reading for pleasure once again. I will be posting pictures of books I’m reading this summer and some of the gems I learn! Read with me? Would love to chat about these books with all of you in the virtual world. #BrownGirlReads


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