Hey Summer, Fall is coming soon

Summer time is the best. I made all these plans about how I was going to use my time wisely to get ahead on research, writing, work, and other extra curricular activities I planned on developing. Fortunately I had too much going on this summer! I moved out of my old apartment and moved in with my partner, I took a trip to the Bahamas, then flew to San Francisco and returned to Lehigh to prepare for the LUSSI program. Plus I planned lots of outings with friends in between to wine tastings, yoga classes, concerts, shopping trips and more! There was a lot of spontaneity and some planning involved but none of it was geared towards my original set of goals: To work on my PhD applications.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been doing research on programs I am interested in and working on my essay sample here and there but I haven’t dedicated a set time to really make significant progress. Last night, I looked at my calendar and realized I have 5 weeks left of my summer before the fall semester commences.

There’s so much to do and there is enough time (I can never say there isn’t enough time because there e is time if I carve it out)! There’s a lot on my plate at the moment because aside from preparing these lengthy applications I also have to prepare a syllabus for my English 1 class in the fall. I will be taking my 3 graduate courses while teaching first year English which means I will have at least 15 papers to grade here and there while trying to complete my own homework. I also have to create a game plan for my thesis, which I plan to officially begin and defend in the Spring AND I am committed to hosting the 2nd annual Sisters In Conference (only this time I have a goal of welcoming 150 beautiful women of color). Which means I will still be working for the Office of Multicultural Affairs only this time my role is changing and it’s more research based.

Although this is all on my mind my first priority is to help my baby brother during his college application process. He has just completed his junior year and is gearing up to start his senior year in the fall as well. I have been helping him start his application essays this summer but it’s time to buckle down and create a game plan for both him and myself.

It’s Monday morning and I decided to start with my bigger picture. During the LUSSI program we had students create goal sheets where they selected 3 goals they wanted to develop this summer. They then had to break it down by answering 3 questions:

  1. What? Outline your specific goal.
  2. Why? Why did you select this goal out of all the other goals you hope to accomplish, why is this one so important to you?
  3. How? Break down your goal into 3 bite size steps that you can accomplish and will lead you to reaching your bigger goal.

I decided to complete my goal sheet and I know my students will hold me accountable. But it’s time to have my brother create one as well. Will you create one? If you do please share I would love to see it!


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